Los Angeles, or the ‘city of Golden Angels’, is known as the entertainment capital of the world as it is home to several tourist attractions. Among them, the iconic Hollywood sign stands out as the primary attraction. Apart from it, there are several other attractions including great museums, beautiful beaches, fun theme parks and, huge shopping malls. The city boasts of world-class museums, arenas and theaters which means there is plenty for art lovers, history buffs and sports fans.

Top places to visit in Los Angeles:

Hollywood Sign

This sign is a huge draw for all tourists visiting the city. Originally erected to advertise real estate in the Hollywood Hills, the 14-meter high letters are perched on Mount Lee, making it visible from all over the town. At present, the sign is associated with the glamour and excitement of the movie industry. You can go in for an up-close look on a hike at Griffith Park, or park up at Lake Hollywood Park and admire the sign across the canyon.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the oldest film studios. The sprawling complex has a lot to offer to tourists with its family-friendly theme park. There are several rides at the park which are based on movies, providing an immersive experience to movie fans. Visitors to the place can also experience details of Hollywood with behind-the-scenes studio tours. Apart from these, the complex includes Universal CityWalk where visitors can catch live performances, see a movie or watch celebrities.

Griffith Park

Spread over 4,210 acres, Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in the US which includes the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains where visitors can enjoy walking and horseback riding. The park is named after Griffith J. Griffith, who donated the greater part of the parkland to the city in 1896. It includes Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, a planetarium, a Greek theater, a riding center created for the 1984 Olympic Games, golf courses, tennis courts, hiking trails, and other attractions.

Venice Beach

This place recreates the unique city of Venice known for its waterways. Originally consisting of a series of drainage channels, the place was transformed into a tourist attraction by Tobacco magnate Abbot Kinney in 1904. He turned a marshy stretch of shoreline south of Santa Monica into the “Venice of America”. The beach’s volleyball courts, skating plaza and body-building Muscle Beach area are crowd-pleasers as well.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Located at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street, Hollywood Walk of Fame is a fascinating experience for Hollywood enthusiasts. Operated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, it includes stars embedded into sidewalks relating celebrities with stars. The idea has been a huge success, as around ten million tourists visit the place and stroll along the mile-long stretch in search of their favorite actor, singer, musician, director or television personality. More than 2,500 stars have been added since the first permanent installation at the place.

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