New York is the largest city in the US, and it is always a whirlwind of activity. It has something to offer to every tourist with its combination of culture, flourishing arts, food, fashion, architecture, history and entertainment, which make it overwhelming for anybody visiting the city for the first time. The mesmerising city is known for its skyscrapers, monuments.

Attractions in New York:

Statue of Liberty

Located on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty is the landmark of the city which draws millions of visitors every year. The colossal sculpture was a gift from France to the United States, welcomes new visitors to the city. Lady Liberty stands at an impressive 93 meters, with 154 steps to the crown which visitors can climb to experience the breathtaking view of the harbour and New York City. Tourists can enjoy guided tours to the island which are conducted throughout the day.

Empire State Building

This iconic building is the hallmark of the vibrant city and offers a splendid view of the city in all its glory. Named “America’s Favorite Architecture”, this magnificent structure provides an expansive view as tourists can see as far as New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania on a clear day. There are two observations decks in the tower, on the 86th floor and 102nd floor. Both the floors provide fascinating views of the city and provide an insight into the historic building’s importance. This immensely popular building is hugely popular with the movie industry and has appeared in over 250 films.

Central Park

Located over a sprawling 840 acres in Manhattan, the place includes a number of attractions for tourists. Some of its attractions include Belvedere Castle, the Central Park Zoo among many others. It offers a great escape to those looking for a break from the busy life of city. The Great Lawn and a walk along the paths are truly relaxing. There is plenty to do at the park including catch and release fishing at the Dana Discovery Center, rowboat rentals from the Loeb Boathouse. The playgrounds and the Tisch Children’s Zoo is a great attraction for families and children.

Times Square

Termed as “The Crossroad of the World”, this iconic place sees over 39 million visitors annually, making it one of the world’s largest tourist attractions. With bright lights and all that is identified with a big city, visiting this popular commercial intersection is truly and engaging experience. The Times Square is also a major part of the entertainment industry. There is a lot for tourists as it offers something to everyone with its shopping, entertainment and plethora of restaurants and tourists can engage in a wide variety of activities. It’s definitely a place to be while in the bustling city.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the oldest suspension bridges in the world, this 5,989 feet structure connects Manhattan to Brooklyn across the East River. It’s a major route as more than 120,000 vehicles, 4,000 pedestrians and 2,600 bicyclists cross the bridge every day. Visitors can walk or drive across this famous New York City landmark. Visitors can have a panoramic view of the city and admire the city’s skyline from its pedestrian walkway situated above the traffic lanes.

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